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Month: October, 2013

Baking Classes for Kids – Fun and Exciting Activities

There are times when kids doesn’t have any classes in school tendency is that they feel bored. Most often they engage into online games and alike to which it is not healthy for them. There are a lot of parents today who are asking themselves what other alternative activities that they can give to their children.

As we all know kids are picky eater, however when it comes to sweets, they can never resist it. So you can try baking classes for kids. Prior to making this step you need to ask your child if they want to, you can just tell them if they want to venture into baking and making cupcakes, candies and alike. One thing you will know it they will be very much excited.

It is important for you to ask your child whether they are interested, it is because willingness is important. If the child doesn’t want what he or she is doing then you will just be wasting your money and their time.

Once you are done, you can then start off by looking the right baking school for them. Most often the school doesn’t post in a vulgar manner that they are offering this class, as these schools are more of a general cooking school. So it is important that you take an extra step in knowing whether they are offering this class for kids.

During the classes, they will start to learn the basics. There is no other way for them to learn on making more complicated desserts if they do know the basics.  Once they get the hang of it, then they will be taught other dessert in an upgraded level, maybe by adding another ingredient or another procedure.

Aside from that there are other things that they will learn in class, the lessons that they will learn will help them in understanding what they are doing better. So let us start off with the following:

  • Recipe

Everyone starts with the recipe, before you make your way in cooking or baking the meals it is important for the child to know how to read a recipe. Learning the road map such as where to locate the ingredients, directions, preparation time, temperature and alike. So if they are just a beginner they can start with the basic recipes, maybe one of their favorite desserts.


  • Timing

You need to explain to your kids that proper timing is important. You can’t bake desserts that would take some time if you have limited time.


  • Ingredients

Being familiar with the ingredients is one the steps that you need to know. So try to know what the dry and wet ingredients are at the same time how to measure it accurately.


  • Organization

This is one of the things that they should also know, when in the kitchen they need to keep things as organized as possible. In this way they will not be confused on where they are going to find the utensils or ingredients that they are going to use.


French Cooking Class – Enjoying Luxurious and Healthy Meals

Have you tried dinning in a French restaurant? As you have tried to observe the meals that they serve are of high quality at the same time they offer light meals. Now, if you try to check out the prices you might be shocked, it is a fact that it expensive.

So if you still wanted to enjoy a French Cuisine at an affordable price, we have a solution to that. You can try enrolling in a French cooking class. The good thing about this is you will learn the different tricks and techniques on how to prepare these meals. Aside from that you can be fun and creative in preparing different kinds of meals. You will also learn and understand their culture at the same time get a chance to interact with other people in the class.

French cooking class only uses fresh ingredients, since they have a belief that these ingredients releases natural flavors that is great for meals. You will also be amused with the different ways that they use their ingredients as it will give the meal a twist.

There are a lot of schools out there, most of these schools are being manned or run by well known chefs who wanted to share their gift. That is why it always pays if you know how to do some research prior to entering or enrolling.

It is important for you to look for the right school, since if you get the right school, you will get the right foundation that would build you to be a good cook. You can try searching online, or local directories, if not you can ask your friends, families or workmates if they know any.

We also have a list here of some of the leading French Schools that we have today;

  • Gulf Coast Culinary Institute at Faulkner College

This school has a pretty much affordable tuition fee, aside from that you will never go wrong with this school since they have met the standards of the American Culinary Federation Education Institute and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, to which they got an accreditation.


  • Le Cordon Bleu

You can find this school almost all over U.S. as they have about 13 branches. The school do offer different courses and French cooking is enlisted to their international courses.


  • Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone Campus

They provide students an in-depth study and give them hands on experience when it comes to cooking.


  • Rhode School Cuisine

This school was established in 1996 and they offer different kind of cooking class and French cuisine is one of its specialties. They also offer a vacation-cooking session to which you can enjoy their villas that gives you a stunning view of the Mediterranean.

These are some of the top cooking schools that we have today. However, never limit yourself with these lists as there are a lot more out there. We are just giving you some samples that you can consider; always keep in mind that take some time to do some research prior to enrolling.